ps3 repair guide

PS3 Repair Guide Click Here!

Inside this digital all-in-one set you will learn:

How to permanently fix the Blinking Yellow Light of Death (YLOD)

 How to permanently fix the Solid/flashing Red Light

 How to permanently fix the Flashing Green Light issue

 How to permanently fix the 3 beeps

 How to permanently fix the Red Screen

 How to permanently fix the Black Screen of Death

 How to permanently fix a freezing screen (during gameplay or during the menu)

 How to permanently fix the blu-ray drive (after freezing and blu-ray not accepting)

PS3 Repair Guide Click Here!

Dear PS3 Owner,

It sucks to have the Yellow/Red/Green Light, or even the Red Screen or some error code, doesn’t it!?

As I write this, Sony isn’t doing anything about fixing the PS3’s failure, but still charging the hefty $150 fee! An article was even featured in a popular newspaper, where a guy claims he was charged $300! What a rip-off, for Sony, the creator! Anthony Blake, of Brisbane, Australia stated:

“I have had the Yellow Light of Death problem and when you contact Sony they simply claim that you have to fork out $300 to get the problem fixed! There are also no guarantees that the issue will not happen again in a 2 year old unit. This doesn’t seem fair?”

No Anthony, that’s doesn’t seem fair, and why would it be? But, there is another way! Wouldn’t you just want to have your PS3 back to the way it was not so long ago, with all those games and all that fun? Well, you’re in luck, today, it’s all possible. Your search is finally over!

PS3 Repair Guide

PS3 Repair Guide
PS3 Repair Guide Click Here!